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The first thing I thought we should share is that Sabine, Michael and Sabine's brother, Harry all served full time missions. Sabine served in the Salt Lake City, Temple Square Mission ( TSQ), Michael served in the Utah, Provo Mission ( UPM) and Harry served in the Scotland Edinburgh Mission ( SEM).

For those who do not know what a mission is, especially those that are not members of the LDS Church, it is a journey that you take, usually for a church. On this journey you share the things that you strongly believe are true, usually a declaration of your faith, with those around you. For Sabine, Harry and Michael this journey took 18 months to 2 years.

Links to our mission web pages are available on the navigation menu on the left. You can Check How UPM Missionaries are Doing now from the same menu. There are also some missionary resources such as the Homer Simpson Plan of Salvation and a great member missionary program called The Lighthouse Program. For those that know of Ralph Thomas, a number of his comic strips are available from the same menu.

The 'About Our Religion' section lists a few of the Churches official websites and makes it possible for you to Find a Chapel in Your Area.

The ' Spiritual Thoughts' section contains a large amount of well known and not so well known spiritual thoughts, quotes and stories. This is one of the most popular sections of this website as these thoughts are very faith promoting and everybody seems to find them uplifting.

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These books and videos can be accessed online for free. In fact, a free copy can also be sent to you for free.

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Our genealogy section shows our genealogy so far. Most people are fascinated to learn about their ancestors. It is fascinating to learn about family secrets and is especially interesting to learn about the rich and famous anscestory that we have found. In this section we have included links to a bunch of very famous genealogical websites to help you in your quest to find your ancestors.

On my travels I have encountered many people who do not understand that Great Britain is not a country but is actually a number of separate countries. This misunderstanding has arisen because most of these countries share one central government. To help clear up this misunderstanding we have included an ' England is Not Britain' section.

For our friends who are interested in how Sabine and Michael are doing we have created an ' Update on The Ratcliffes' section. Here we record our general events that are happening in our lives. This section is mostly about our normal lives, trials and just general 'stuff'.

Sabine and Michael did not meet in the usual way. In fact, they were engaged before they had even met! It is an interesting and spiritual story which we felt that we should share with everybody. Their story is available under ' How They Met'.

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The Bern Temple

The Ratcliffe family was started in Endingen, Aargau Switzerland on the 31st August 2001. Our family was then sealed for time and all eternity on the 31st August 2001 in the Zollikofen Switzerland Temple.

Sabine & Michael Sat on a Huge Mouse

Our family consists of two members currently, but we are working on obeying the Lord by multiplying and replenishing the earth.

From November 2001 until April 2002, we lived in Swinton, Manchester, England, United Kingdom (UK).

Then from April 2002 until April 2003 we lived in Connah's Quay, Wales, UK.

After that we lived from June 2003 until September 2004 in Ewloe, Wales, UK from where we moved to Switzerland.

At the end of September 2004 we moved to Endingen, Switzerland and lived in Sabine's mum's house for a few months, we then moved to Neuenhof. A year later we bought Sabine's mothers house in Endingen, Switzerland.

In December 2011 we moved back to the UK and are members of the Kettering Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This web site will include links to sites that our family members enjoy.