Union Jack

Michael Ratcliffe was in Hope Hospital in Manchester, England. His parents are Anne and Michael Ratcliffe.

Michael has two older sisters called Karen Jane and Joanne Michelle and a younger brother called David Paul.

He grew up most of his life in Swinton, Manchester. As a boy he occupied himself by climbing trees, making tree houses and underground dens. He also occupied himself by getting his brothers and sisters in trouble. Once he poked the eyes out of one of Karen’s Elvis posters. Karen had a fight with Joanne for destroying the poster and cut the hair off one of Joanne’s favourite dolls.

Around 1991 he got himself a very cute dog named Jake. He trained him so that he could express himself properly and he was living with Michael's parents, but unfortunately he had cancer and therefore died in November 2003.

Michael became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS or Mormon Church) on 10th November 1996. He has served as a full time missionary in the Utah Provo Mission from May 1998 to May 2000 under President Hugh Sennott Gregson, second counselor on the young men's presidency, executive secretary, elders quorum president, teacher development co-ordinator, gospel principles teacher, gospel doctrine teacher, second counselor on the bishopric, family history center director, financial secretary and most importantly home teacher, husband and potential father!