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Müller Coat of Arms

Sabine Ratcliffe's maiden name was Sabine Müller and she was born in Austria. Even though she was born in Austria, she still is Swiss (Swiss inherit their nationality from their father). Her parents are Walter and Heidi Müller.

Sabine is the oldest and has two younger brothers. One is called Harry Müller (officially Harald Müller) and works for a company that provides security features for homes and businesses and the other brother is Marco Müller, working as motorcycle mechanic.

Sabine grew up in several places (Austria, Dänikon in Switzerland, Wettingen Switzerland), but from 12 years on she was living in Endingen, Switzerland which is known for its Jewish history.

As a child she absolutely loved going outside and playing outside, there was nothing worse than her mother telling her that she had to stay in and do her homework. When she was a teenager she loved the pop charts and therefore had the top forty memorized. As a young adult she LOVED going to dance (specially Foxtrot).

Sabine also had the chance to see the family cat "Similac" giving birth to four kittens, she fell in love with one of them and was allowed to keep it. The name of the tomcat is "Funzel Socrates". When she got married, she didn't want Funzel to stay in quarantine for several months and therefore with a heavy heart decided to leave the cat behind in Switzerland with her mum.

Sabine had the privileged to be raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon or LDS Church). She was baptized on 6th March 1982. She has also served as a full time missionary in the Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission from April 1999 to September 2000 under President Richard Ivan Winwood. Temple Square Mission is special inasmuch as that everyone has the chance to serve a "normal" proselyting mission for several months and therefore she also served from November 1999 to April 2000 in the Kentucky Louisville Mission under President Michael C. Cannon.

She also served as a Sunday school teacher for the ages 12 - 14, secretary in young womens presidency, chorister, first counsellor in the young womens presidency, second counsellor in the primary presidency, sunbeam teacher (her favourite), seminary teacher, Primary president, nursery leader, secretary in Relief Society, visiting teacher and so far her favourite: wife and hopefully one day a mother!