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Elder Müller is no longer a missionary as his mission finished in August 2004

Harry Müller is known to many in Switzerland as Harry (Harald) Müller. He was born on 16th December 1976 in Linz, Austria.

His parents are Walter Müller and Heidi Honegger and he has two siblings, an older sister Sabine that is married and lives with her husband in Switzerland again and a younger brother Marco that still lives at home.

Harry Müller had the privilege to be raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and was baptized on 16th December 1984.

Tuesday, 15. March 2005

Harry had some good news! He got the contract for his first apartment from 1st May 2005. The apartment will be closer to work, only about 10 minutes drive instead of 40 minutes and only about 7 minutes walk to church. Unfortunately the Wettingen ward as well as the Zürich Switzerland stake will loose him as the new ward is Rohr/Aarau and the stake is Bern, Switzerland stake.
But we are sure that he will enjoy his new part of life and he is looking forward to it as he is getting stuff together for his new apartment.

Friday, 28. January 2005

Good news! Harry found a job. A former bishop of the ward has opened a business ( Bruno Herzog AG) about 2 years ago and has now so much work, that he needs additional help. As the boss will retire in about 10 years, he will make sure that Harry knows everything he needs to know so that he can take the business over in about 10 years time.

Saturday, 23. October 2004

Sorry for not updating this for a wh ile. Of course Elder Müller is home off his mission now and he is released, hence he now can be called Harry again. We went to pick him up from his mission and travelled around for a while in Edinburgh and then even up to the Highlands. It was really, really nice and Scotland is a beautiful place.

Now Harry is looking around to find a job. He also has been called as the Young Men's Leader (a program from the church for the boys age 12 to 18 years old). So he has activities and fun with the boys once during the week and on Sunday he's there and teaches them at church.

So if anyone has a job for Harry in electronics, please write to him - he also wouldn't mind to have to travel for his job, as he kind of had to do with his old job for Endres + Hauser where he calibrated machines in France, Switzerland Germany and India.

Tuesday, 29. June 2004

Elder Müller's last 6 weeks! He got a new companion Elder Dunn from Salt Lake City, Utah. Elder Müller will finnish his mission in Bathgate (as Zoneleaders (ZL)) over Edinburgh and Livingston. These two zones, just got combined and Elder Dunn and Elder Müller are the Zoneleaders over Edinburgh and Livingston.

Tuesday, 15. June 2004

Myla Alvaro got baptized. Elder Müller and Elder Egan also have the priviledge to teach her husband Ramon. Myla and Ramon's 3 daughters are still in the Phillipines, but hopefully they can bring them across to Scotland soon as well.

Elders Müller and Egan with Ramon and Myla
Elder Müller, Ramon Alvaro, Myla Alvaro and Elder Egan

Myla and Elder Egan
Myla Alvaro and Elder Egan

Tuesday, 20. April 2004

It's Marco Müller's 19th birthday! Marco is the younger brother of Elder Müller. But Elder Müller also wrote us that he moved to Bathgate. They have a baptism scheduled for Wednesday, 19. May 2004. Her name is Myla Alvaro from the Phillipines and she is very strong and is a great person!

Monday, 05. April 2004

Elder Müller has been transferred to Livingston and now his companion is Elder Egan from Michigan/USA. Elder Egan's has four brothers and is the second oldest. His older brother served his mission in Phillipines and his young brother serves currently in Japan. Elder Egan has been out on his mission for about 17 months.
Unfortunatly he has either lost his wallet or someone stole it. Elder Müller's ankle is almost fine again, but he is in a car area anyhow.

Elder Egan and Elder Müller out knocking on doors

Wednesday , 24. March 2004

Elder Müller informed us that on zone activity they had played American Football he sprained his right ankle and he isn't allowed to walk on it at the moment!
But there is also good news: Tomorrow is Zone conference with Elder Hillam (Area President)!

Tuesday, 13. January 2004

Elder Müller contacted us via eMail to tell us that after only 6 weeks he got transferred to a new area. He got transferred to Cupar (Dundee Zone) and his companion is Elder Percy.

Friday, 30. January 2004

Elder Müller wrote us that Elder Percy and Elder Müller are working really hard and both have fun doing so! He wrote: It's great workig with Elder Percy!

They are in a nice area, because they cover St. Andrews, the home of golf and a big University town (Prince William studies here).

Tuesday, 09. December 2003

We have received word that Elder Müller has been transferred to Greenock (close to Glasgow). Elder Müller has been serving as a District Leader (DL) and his companion in Greenock is Elder Stout from California, USA. Elder Stout is out in the mission field for about 6 weeks, so quite new.

Elder Müller is a bit in shock at serving in a city, as he is from a village and has served so far rather in the countryside, but he is aware that the Lord has called him to Greenock for a reason and that is good enough for him to get to work and do his best!

Monday, 04. August 2003

We have recently received an other letter from Elder Müller. He still is in Alness, but his companions name is Elder Morgan from California, USA.

It's almost a year now that Elder Müller is out on his mission, as he entered the MTC on the 07. August 2002.

King Harald Street
Elder Müller on King Harald Street

Thursday, 05. June 2003

Sorry we haven't been updating the page, but our computer was broken for the last few weeks and we had to first fix it.

Elder Müller got transferred at the beginning of May to Alness (near Loch Ness) and his companion is Elder McNee from Leeds, United Kingdom. His zone leader is Elder Fierz also from Switzerland !

Elder Müller and McNee
Elder Müller and Elder McNee in bombastic spirits

Elder Müller says that they don't have a lot of investigators unfortunatly and therefore they do a lot of tracting and door to door.

In two days time it will be 10 months since Elder Müller started his mission !

Monday, 14. April 2003

First apologies that we haven't updated this page for such a long time! Elder Müller is still on the Shetland Island's. We got some figures that he gave us: there are about 300,000 sheep but only 22,000 people (humans) living on the Shetland Island's.

Elder Müller got a new companion. His name is Elder Sommer from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Elder Sommer has been a zone leader for the last 9 months and now has three months of his mission left before he goes home.

Tuesday, 28. January 2003

On the Shetland Islands they have a "Up Helly Aa" (as Elder Müller and Elder Piersky call it) or correctly the fire festival in Scalloway which is and old tradition on the Shetland Islands from the Vikings (Norwegians).

The Vikings and Elder Müller
The "Vikings " & Elder Müller

He told us that they do 8 hours of service on the Shetland Islands and six hours are in the Glen Orchy House which is (according to Elder Müller) the best place to stay on the Shetland Island.

Elder Müller also told us that the Shetland Islands are great. He said that the first few weeks it feels like holidays. The weather is quite cold and windy, but he likes it. The sun raises at 08:00 h and sets at around 15:00 h.


St. Ninian's Isle.
St. Ninian's Isle (down in the sea)

Elder Müller is also very happy, as Elder Fierz (René Fierz also from Switzerland) is their zone leader and even more happy that Elder Andersen (his trainer) is their district leader.

On Friday, 31st January 2003 Elder Piersky and Elder Müller are going down to Edinburgh for a zone conference (by ferry if the weather is good and if not.... then by aeroplan!).

On 7th February 2003 it's already half a year that Elder Müller is on his mission!

Thursday, 9. January 2003

Finally we know what Elder Müller's companions name is. His companion is called Elder Piersky from Mississippi, USA. Elder Müller calls his companion jukebox, as he sings a lot.

Elder Müller had to travel by ferry from Aberdeen, Scotland to Lerwick, Shetland Islands for 12 hours which left Aberdeen at 18:00 h and arrived in Lerwick at 06:00 h!

Elders Piersky and Müller
Elder Piersky & Elder Müller

As the temperatures here in North Wales are already quite low, we can't really imagine how cold it's up there on the Shetland Islands. Brrrrr! Hope he's not wearing one of these kilts!

Friday, 3. January 2003:

We just got some information yesterday that Elder Müller has been transferred to a new area. His new area is the Shetland_Islands. From what we understand it’s quite cold there and there is a lot of snow!

Unfortunately we don’t know who his companion is and/or where he is from, but as soon as we get more information it will be put straight on to this site.

Specially now that Elder Müller has been transferred the first time into a new area and away from the mainland and civilization, PLEASE keep on writting him!!

September 2002

Elder Müller is in the Dunfirmline area. His first companion was Elder Andersen from Denmark. He absolutely loved to work with him! He also said that the members are great and that they have almost every day a dinner appointment.

Elder Müller and Elder Andersen baptized Kyle, 11 years old, which was the first baptism for Elder Müller. Kyle is a great example to Elder Müller!

Kyle with Elders Müller and Anderson
Elder Müller, Kyle and Elder Andersen

Elders Aneca, Müller and Andersen
Elder Aneca, Elder Müller and Elder Andersen

Elder Müller did send a little Scottish lesson:

Scottish word English
Thank you
I don't know

He then served with Elder Given from Montana, USA. As he had been in Dunfermline for 3 months he was scared that he would soon have to leave the area.

Elder Given
Elder Given from Montana

August 2002

He was called to the Scotland Edinburgh Mission and entered the Preston England MTC (Missionary Training Centre) on Wednesday 7th August 2002 (on Michael Ratcliffe's birthday!).

Elder Müller also was so kind to send us a Scottish £1 note:

If you want to see the back of the £1 note, please move the mouse pointer over the picture.

Here are two more pictures of Elder Müller:

Mad Harry
Elder Müller

Elderly People Crossing
Elder Müller at an Elderly People sign

Elder Müller's Mission President
Elder Müller with President and Sister Wilkinson

Elders Müller and Anderson
Elder Müller & Elder Andersen (Elder Müller's Trainer)

Elders Müller, Anderson and Smolka
Elder Müller, Elder Andersen (Elder Müller's Trainer) and Elder Smolka (Elder Andersen's Trainer)

Tossing the Caber
Tossing the caber