Ralph Thomas: A Look Inside

For the Visually Impaired

Ralph Thomas looks in horror at the title, "A Look Inside - The Ward Mission Leader and Stake Missionaries"

Scene: Elder Thomas stands still trying hard to look innocent.
The Ward Mission Leader is wearing a horrible patchwork suit and an very wide flowery tie.
"Elder Thomas, you didn't make a cartoon about us Ward Mission Leaders and the Stake Missionaries did you? I'm tellin President, you know."

Narrator: Just what are Ward Mission Leaders and Stake Missionaries good for? They have good advice ... they help teach discussions.
Scene: The Ward Mission Leader looks excited and Elder Thomas looks irritated.
Ward Mission Leader: "Now don't forget to try and give them a book of Mormon."
Elder Thomas: "No, Duh"
Ward Mission Leader: "Hey, you forgot one! Outer darkness, you forgot to teach about outer darkness."

Narrator: "They teach an educational investigators class."
Scene: One investigator looks confused, the other is asleep but the Ward Mission Leader is very Zealous and excited. The blackboard shows a complex diagram with the orbits of the Earth, Moon, Sun ... and Kolob!
Ward Mission Leader: "And then earth rotates around Kolob and ..."

Narrator: They keep President informed.
Scene: The Ward Mission Leader looks very excited as he reports to the sleeping Mission President over the telephone.
Ward Mission Leader: "And then I saw them go into McDonalds where they play Rock and Roll over the intercom and then I saw them at the ..."