Ralph Thomas: Missionaries Most Favorite Meals

For the Visually Impaired

Title: The Missionaries Most Favorite Meals by Ralph Thomas

Ramen Noodles are the Missionaries top choice. Here are a few of those dishes:

  1. Ramen Plain.
  2. Ramen over Rice.
  3. Ramen Casserole.
  4. Eat Ramen uncooked like a cracker or spread peanut butter over the top.
  5. For dessert try Ramen frozen in a cup with a spoon in it. Ramensicle ... yum!

Have a peanut butter sandwich three meals a day:

  1. For breakfast fold sandwich in half and dip in milk.
  2. Have plain for lunch
  3. For dinner toast bread and eat with a knife & fork.

Get creative: Put spaghetti sauce with macaroni & cheese and the cheese packet with your spaghetti! Now you are ready or your own TV show.

Write for your 101 tasty rice dishes brochure today. Signed Ralph Thomas.