Ralph Thomas: Missionary Eating Habits

For the Visually Impaired

Missionary Eating Habits by Ralph Thomas: 20 twinkies an hour ... I can do it, I can.

  1. The Spaces: The one who loses touch with reality by reading the same cereal box every morning.
  2. Rich kid who eats out often:
    "Let's go to McDonalds!"
    "I'm broke."
    "I'll buy"
  3. Joe Gourmet: The one who cooks his own meal like he has his own TV show.
  4. The Smacker: The one who just drives you nuts.
    "Smak, slurp, slop., smak."
  5. The non eater:
    "Aint you gonna eat?"
    "No just a glass of Kool-Aid"
  6. The Boaster:
    "That was pretty good, but next time let us come over and I will cook you a real steak!"
  7. The Clone: The one who gets into the habit of eating the same thing every day. Ramon noodles, macaroni cheese, spaghetti etc.
  8. The Competitors:
    The ones who see who can eat most at each dinner appointment.

These are just a few examples of the Mission eating habits.