Ralph Thomas: Testimony Meeting

For the Visually Impaired

The Counsellor: "Now what you parents should be doing is ..."

The Dramatic: "And thats the very moment I knew!"

The Regulars: "I am once again thankful for the opportunity I have to stand before you and ..."

The Bawler: "And blubber blub bubub sniff blurb bubbub bub."

The Sergeant: "And if you don't have a testimony get one!"

Travel Log: "And then we went to Hawaii and then..."

Kids in General: "I'd like to bear my testimony. I know this Church is true I love my mom and dad, I'm thankful for my teachers, I know there is a prophet ..."

Visions: "And that's when Angels came to me and ..."

Chastizer: "I would ust like to tell everyone here, thanks for ruining my life with your filthy lives."

False Prophets: "I have a gift, a power, bring me your sick and I will heal them. Bring me your ..."

Although once in a while somebody does bear a testimony. Signed Elder Thomas.