Name Description
Things Are Not What They Seem A story of a couple of days in the life of two angels where an extra special message was learned. This story has the potential to help us see life in a new way.
A Pocket Full of Rocks The story of Malcolm Tent, a man that gathers up rocks every time he feels wronged. After a visit from a professor and his class his he changes his life for the better.
The Fairytale of the Sad Sadness A story of the Sad Sadness which explains how we actually benefit from sadness and difficult events in life.
The Parable of The Paper Cross A missionary is asked to create a cross from a piece of paper by using just 1 straight tear. He does so and much more by the power of faith. This story also includes the same paper folding and tearing skills you need to perform the same remarkable feat.
Attitude A quote from Charles Swindoll about how attitude affects life.
Procrastination Procrastinate not the day of your repentance.
A Teacher With a Heart How a teachers attitude can effect their students lives.
'Twas the Night Before Christmas Nice Christmas Rhyme.
Answer to Prayer God does answer our prayers.
Be Where You Should Be Where did the Biblical David first go wrong, what was his first mistake?
Count Your Blessings Sometimes we find it hard to see how we are blessed.
Will the Christ Child Come A nice Christmas story.
Lorenzo Dow Youngs Visit to Heavenly Cities Lorenzo Dow Young records his visit to the eternities.
Jack it's God Sometimes we find it hard to follow the Lord. Here is one example.
Inspiration Key to Thanksgiving Feeling inspired?
The Book of Mormon and the TV Guide Which gets the most use?
Orson F Whitneys Vision of the Savior Orson F Whitney records his vision of the Savior.
An 8 Year Olds Version of What God Does An exciting glimpse into the mind of an 8 year old.
A Little Girls Vision of an Angel Children are often able to see things that we can't.
You've Got to Dig Looking for something? Make sure you look in the right places.
Your Brother is Blind The blind often have to walk by faith.
The Missionary Funny creatures those Missionaries.
The Missionary's Girl Funny creatures those Missionary's Girls.
Mormon Fu Sounds like a new kind of martial art.
The Bridge An interesting insight into the atonement.
Judgement Judge not and ye shall not be judged.
If I was the devil If you were the devil then what would you do?
The Sin of Ingratitude We should "Receive All Things with Thankfulness", lets do so.
A Dress for Baptism A lovely poem about a baptismal dress.
Stewardship How big a responsibility do we hold?
Opposition What does not kill us makes us stronger.
My Son A nice spiritual thought about priorities.
No Money, No Books, Nothing What did missionaries used to leave with?
The Painting of The Last Supper Interesting story about the subjects for this painting.
That is the Way the Cookie Crumbles A funny story about cookies.
When you do Have the Spirit and When you Don't This small thought explains very simply how to know when you have the spirit and when you don't.
Joseph Smith's Prophecy of Falling Stars An interesting historic prophecy made by the prophet Joseph Smith.
The Soccer Goalie and His Dad It is not how well you play but how hard you try.
Let me Have Your Shoes When it comes to service it is often the simple things that make a difference.
The Bucket and the Dipper Funny how making somebody smile can make such a difference.
Somehow They Called me on a Mission A funny version of the childrens song "I hope they call me on a mission."
Various Accounts of the First Vision Many members do not realize that there are a number of accounts of the first vision that the prophet Joseph shared at various times in his life. In each telling he gave slightly different details. Reading them all together gives a more complete understanding of the first vision.
Marks of a Man Are you a man or woman of God?
The Two Friends What difference does the gospel make in out lives? This insightful poem explains it clearly.
The Greatest Gift Two Elders, Christmas and a very special gift.
The Stonecutter Sometimes we feel inferior to others. This story beautifully illustrates the foolishness of this.
The Monument God Life is a monument, let us make it a beautiful one.
The Old Fisherman The world is full of wonderful characters. Let me introduce you to the old fisherman.
The Rock Sometimes we misunderstand success, here's why.
The Race Opposition in all things.
Oil for our Lamps Each of us has our own 'Spiritual Lamp'. Let's make it shine.
The Salesman Work hard and work smart.
A Great Leader What are the attributes of a great leader?