“And in those days, behold there came through the Gates of the City a Salesman from afar off. And it came to pass as the day went by that he sold aplenty.

“And in that City were they that were the Order Takers and they that spent their days in adding to the alibi sheets. Mightily were they astonished. Said they one to the other, ‘What giveth here? How doth he getteth away with it?’ And it came to pass that many were gathered in the back office, and a Soothsayer came among them. And he was one wise guy. And they spoke and questioned him, saying, ‘How is it that this stranger accomplished the impossible?’

“Whereupon the Soothsayer made answer: ‘He of whom you speak is one live wire. He ariseth very early in the morning and goeth forth full of pep. He complaineth not, neither doth he know despair. Also, he is arrayed in purple and gold, while ye go forth with pants unpressed and unkempt footgear.

“While ye gather here and say one to the other, “Verily, this is a terrible day to work,” he is already abroad. And when the eleventh hour cometh, he needeth no alibi. He knoweth his line, and they that would stave him off, they give him orders. Men say unto him “Nay” when he cometh in, yet when he goeth forth he hath their names on the line that is dotted.

“He taketh with him the two angels, Inspiration and Perspiration, and he worketh to beat the band. Verily I say unto you: Go and do ye likewise.’ ”